Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Update: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range

Back around the middle of October I posted a First Impressions blog on the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range.  If you wanted to take a quick look at it before reading this I'll put the link here.

I've been using these products every day now for a full month and just wanted to give you a quick update into my thoughts and whether my opinion had changed on them at all. 

The first thing I want to say is how quickly I noticed the condition of my hair changing.  I had the ends of my hair bleached in May and they were starting to look very dry and damaged.  I'd actually bought a hair dye to colour my hair back to one colour in the hope it would help but since using this range my hair has been looking and feeling so much healthier. 

I am still using the Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment every day, in between shampoo and the regular conditioner, but I think this is more to do with the fact I am slightly addicted to this stuff and don't want to stop using it as my hair just feels so soft when I get out of the shower. 

In my original post I also said I was a bit worried about using the Scalp Serum on dry hair as my hair is very fine.  I bit the bullet and applied a few drops to my scalp after washing and just rubbed it gently into my roots and then followed with the usual Leave In Treatment just on the ends.  I combed it all through then blow-dried and it gave my hair instant volume at the roots.  I'm really, really surprised by this product, but I absolutely love it and have been using it this way ever since.

So I know it has definitely improved the condition of my hair, but has it made it grow any quicker?  Hmmm, I actually think it has.  I guess you could argue that over the course of a month your hair is going to grow anyway, but my hair is just sooo slow at growing which is why I think I struggle with it so badly but I've gone from the teeniest tiniest of little bunches to being able to credibly put it back all within four weeks.  I'm going to pop some pictures below taken at the very beginning and up until now just so you can see the results (please excuse the awful selfie pics, I am the worst at selfies of myself!!).
Taken at the end of October 2016

Taken in the middle of November 2016

Taken at the end of November 2016
Overall, I absolutely love this range and cannot see myself using anything different for a very long time.  Maybe its because I'm happier with my hair that I believe it's growing faster but either way, I've never enjoyed anything about my hair before but at the moment I'm having a lot of fun growing it and I think that's great. 

I will say I get through this stuff pretty quickly.  I'm already on my second shampoo, intensive hair conditioning treatment and leave in treatment already but the bottles are fairly small so with everyday use they will get consumed quite quickly.  I will just make sure to stock up when it's 3 for £12 at Boots as I think this is the best deal for this range.

Do you have any tips for growing out your hair?

Love Katherine xxx

*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself*

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