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First Impressions - Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range

Hey everyone,

I've had a constant battle with my hair since as long as I can remember.  I never had long hair when I was little and when I try to grow my hair now, it gets to a certain length just above my shoulders and I end up going back to my faithful pixie cut! This time though it's different (she says!!).  I've given myself exactly a year before I do anything drastic and I want to see how long I can finally get this hair.  I'm going to be having regular two-monthly trims with my hairdresser to keep it in good shape so hopefully I won't find the growing process too difficult. 

It's currently growing out of a short graduated bob so the "style" (I use that word very loosely) is looking a little questionable.  I also had the ends dyed "ombre" in May and they are starting to look pretty dry - add this to the fact my hair starts to feel pretty thin the longer it gets... it's not looking good on the hair front at the moment!
I saw this range was on offer in Boots on a "3 for £15" about two weeks ago and decided it was a great offer to give all of the products a go.  The description on the front says it's for "hair that can't grow past a certain length" and that just feels like it was made for me!!

As there are only five products in the Hair Growth range I added a Lee Stafford Original Heat Protection Shine Mist (£6.49) and got all six products for £30 when they should have cost me £51.94!  I'm going to do a complete four-week review with photos at each week to see whether or not it helps my hair grow in any way but for now I wanted to do a quick first impressions giving a little information on the products themselves.

The five products in the Hair Growth range are:-

Hair Growth Shampoo
Hair Growth Treatment                               
Hair Growth Conditioner
Hair Growth Leave In Treatment             
Hair Growth Scalp Serum

These are my first impressions:

Hair Growth Shampoo - £7.49
It's unusual for me to find a shampoo that makes my hair feel soft after I've rinsed it out but this does exactly that.  It contains fresh Apple and Lemon extracts to give your hair shine together with Green Tea Extract to help protect your hair from environmental damage.  It lathers really well and has a lovely smell. As advised on the bottle I've been using this twice (the first to remove product build up and the second to stimulate the hair follicles).

Hair Growth Treatment - £8.49
I've put this second in the list as it says to use after shampoo and before conditioner.  This is a thick intensive treatment.  The directions say to smooth an egg-sized amount into your hair, massaging in from root to ends and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing.  It also advises to use this treatment every day until the condition of your hair improves and then take it to once a week.  After just one use of this my hair was silky smooth and I'm definitely starting to see an improvement in the condition of my hair already.  I've used intensive treatments before and they've really weighed my hair down but so far this one is doing fab things!

Hair Growth Conditioner - £7.49
Containing the same extracts as the shampoo this is a lovely conditioner and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth when I rinse it out.  The only downside to this product is you have to give it a really good shake to get the product out as the bottle is quite stiff but overall, I can live with that.

Hair Growth Leave In Treatment - £11.99
Designed to "increase micro-circulation to the scalp to help create the best possible environment for hair to grow" this is a treatment you can spray directly onto your roots to really help give your hair maximum nourishment.  Spray onto towel dried hair, comb through and style as normal.  I've enjoyed using this so far and really think it helps with the condition of my hair before I blow dry.

Hair Growth Scalp Serum - £9.99
I've been using this concentrated serum at night as, although the directions say it can be used on wet or dry hair, during the day or overnight, I'm a little worried of using oils on my hair during the day.  It says to apply two full pipettes to your scalp, massage in and then comb through.  I've been doing this before I go to bed.  I haven't noticed a different yet regarding hair growth or any more volume but it's very early days.

Overall, my first impressions of these are great.  I've already noticed a clear difference in the condition of my hair so I'm looking forward to seeing whether it helps it to grow any more or any quicker.

To be continued.........................

Love Katherine xxx

*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself*

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