Wednesday, 8 August 2018

My New Holiday Travel Bag - (not beautiful but super practical)

For as long as I can remember I have always loved bags...handbags, purses, toiletry bags, make up bags... I even had an obsession with pencil cases too!!! I used to LOVE going “into town” with my nana and perusing the luggage shop just for fun!! You could guarantee I would come out with some little purse or handbag!  There is something about an object with so many different pockets and compartments. 

For the last few years my wash (or toiletry) bag has been a very lovely canvas bag with my initial on that I got from Not On The High Street a few years ago.  As much as I adore this bag, I have noticed over the last few trips away (albeit camping) that it’s not very practical.  Looks have always taken over practicality but there’s only so many times you can drop your nice cream canvas bag on a camping shower floor and not start to get a bit testy about it (trust me, if you’ve ever seen a camping shower floor you’ll know what I mean)!

After our last camping trip I decided to order a more practical bag from Amazon, so let me introduce the Lavievert Toiletry Bag (priced at £9.99 this is compartment/pocket heaven).
It has two zipped compartments on either side of the main middle compartment and these all contain separate pockets, pouches and those elastic holders (I have no idea what they’re called).

It also has a hook to hang it up by (bonus feature for the camping showers) and that also has a clear compartment too.

When it comes to filling my wash bag I follow the same process every time and write a list, head to toe, of what I need to pack.  Personally, I love nothing more than ticking of the boxes one by one and it's even more satisfying when everything has its own home!! 

So that’s my new (practical) addition to my wash bag family.  What do you look for when you’re buying a wash bag.... looks or practicality and is it possible to have both? 

Love Katherine xxx

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

My Charlotte Tilbury Collection

Somewhere between December 2017 and now I have managed to develop a fairly out-of-control addiction to Charlotte Tilbury!

Up until the end of last year I didn’t own any Charlotte Tilbury products at all, but spent many an hour scrolling through her website looking at all the beautiful things and spent far too much time watching her You Tube videos.  It was actually Kerry Life and Loves who made my ears prick up when she blogged about her Beauty Glow Palette (you can see that post here).  I popped that straight onto my Christmas list but Santa must have misplaced that as it wasn’t under my tree (boo....maybe this year)! 

I did however receive the iconic “Pillow Talk” Matte Revolution lipstick from my best friend and that was it....hooked, right there and then! 

The excitement of opening up a Charlotte Tilbury item for me is a bit like Charlie in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory when he opens up his bar of chocolate to see if there’s a golden ticket inside.  It’s something that has to be done really slowly, in peace and quiet and is, quite frankly, a moment to be savoured!! 

This post is just a little (it’s actually quite long) homage to my ever-growing collection of Charlotte Tilbury products...


Matte Revolution - "Pillow Talk"
Any fan of Charlotte Tilbury will know this lipstick very, very well! It’s the one that I think is most talked about, most mentioned and totally iconic.  Starting off life as a shade in her range of lip pencils, Charlotte bought out the lipstick version as a limited edition.  Thankfully though, it seems it’s here to stay.
Matte Revolution - shade "Pillow Talk"
Pillow Talk is a very wearable nude with just a hint of pink and matches my lip tone perfectly.  The formula is beautiful and even though it’s matte, I don’t even know I’m wearing it.  It never dries my lips out and wears incredibly well.

Matte Revolution - “Very Victoria”
I’m not going to lie, I got this solely because I read it was the Duchess of Sussex’s favourite lipstick and I was instantly sold on that one! I think she is amazing and stunning and effortlessly beautiful so if I can have the same lippie as her, that can make up for not marrying Prince Harry myself!! 
Matte Revolution - shade "Very Victoria"
Almost identical to Pillow Talk, Very Victoria is also very different.  They look almost identical in the bullet but on my lips there’s a noticeable difference and Very Victoria, for me, is a lot more pinkier in tone whereas Pillow Talk has a slightly more brown tone. 

I have worn this pretty much every day and it’s such an easy, flattering shade, I can see why Meghan likes it so much.

Matte Revolution – “The Queen”
The Queen is a very bright pink and I have to say, I’m quite scared of wearing pink, but I really love this one and think it suits my warm toned skin really well.  For me, it’s not an everyday shade I wear a lot but I think I will definitely wear this loads on holiday.
Matte Revolution - shade "The Queen"
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Hot Lips – “Hot Emily” 
Carrying on the holiday theme I bought this gorgeous coral-coloured lipstick for my holiday.  As with every other CT lip product, wearability is amazing.  I love the creamy texture this has and considering it’s so bright, it’s incredibly easy to wear.  It doesn’t settle in any lines around my lips and stays on for ages.
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Hot Lips - shade "Hot Emily"

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Hot Lips – “Tell Laura” 
I probably didn’t need another coral lipstick but you can never have too many...right?
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Hot Lips - shade "Tell Laura"
This is definitely brighter than “Hot Emily” and the perfect summer shade.  I can’t wait to try this one out and can imagine myself sipping a mojito with a huge straw hat, shades on and this on my lips (ok, maybe not the straw hat but you get what I mean)! 

Luxury Eye Palette- Golden Goddess
This is such a gorgeous addition to my collection.  Bought for me by my mum and dad for my birthday, this palette is simply stunning.

Featuring four complimenting eyeshadow colours – this can be used day or evening and you can control what look you want to go for.  Perfect to create a natural day look but you can also add more of the darker shades and create an amazing smoky eye.

Formulation is always important to me and this didn’t disappoint.  They apply effortlessly and have a very buttery feeling and the pigmentation is what you would expect it to be.  I do get a little fall out with these but I just remember to really tap my brush off before I apply it. 
Hollywood Flawless Filter – shade “Light/Medium (3)”
I blame the eyeshadow palette for this as it came with 3 luxury samples and the Flawless Filter was one of them (Wonder Glow and Magic Cream Moisturiser being the other two). 

I can only describe this as a bottle of pure gold and I instantly fell in love with it.  Described as “a customisable complexion booster with the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter” clearly this has multi-uses (I like that in a more expensive product as I feel I’m getting my money’s worth).  I use it before my foundation all over my face as a brightener, and after as a highlighter on my cheeks and nose.  I have also recently mixed it with my foundation and I love the look that gave too so all-in-all, this is a winner in my eyes.
This was out of stock online and in every store for a while and I had to wait (I know... I HATE waiting for things) but it eventually came back in stock so I snapped one up (I think it’s back out of stock again now...sad face).

The packaging is luxe and is a gorgeous glass bottle with a ridged effect down the side and it features a doe-foot style applicator.  I thought it may be difficult to apply but actually gives just the right amount of product so you can control it much more effectively. 
Lip Lustre Lipgloss – shade “Ibiza Nights”
Another product that was out of stock everywhere in Bluewater but luckily for me, in stock online, I ordered this along with the Flawless Filter (handy tip – I definitely recommend buying online as the samples you can choose are great and I find much better than in store).
I was after this for holiday as it has a lovely bronze shimmer to it.  Worn on its own it’s very pretty, but worn on top of either Pillow Talk or Very Victoria, it’s stunning.  I was so surprised by this as I didn’t expect it to blow my mind, but I love it and wear it nearly every single day.  

Lip Lustre - shade "Ibiza Nights" (it is very subtle and you can just see a shimmer 
on my wrist)
I also think this could be the first lipgloss I finish.......ever! 

Beach Sticks – shades “Ibiza” & “Las Salinas”
I’m a sucker for cream products in the summer and was after a cream bronzer for using every day.  I saw these on the website and had a little swatch of them in store.  Honestly, my first impression of the bronzer (Ibiza) was that it was a bit too glittery (I’m talking noticeable chunks of glitter on the back of my hand) but me being me, bought it anyway!!! I also bought Las Salinas which is a bright pink colour and I thought they would go well together as a bronzer/blush combination. 
How right I was!! I think maybe the tester for Ibiza was a bit old as I don’t pick up any trace of glitter at all on my face so I’m super happy I did buy it.  For a simple 5-minute face I swipe this over my temples, cheeks, nose and chin and blend, blend, blend.  Pop a dab of Las Salinas on my cheeks and I’m good to go!! 
Left to right: Las Salinas and Ibiza
I think these will be the only two things I need in my holiday make up bag (along with lippies of course) and as I’ve said for pretty much everything...... I use these every, single day!!

So that is my ever-expanding Charlotte Tilbury collection.  My mum thinks I have way too many lipsticks but I just think you can never have too many (and let’s face it...I wouldn’t be a shopaholic if I thought I had enough).  I also think if you find a brand of lipstick or makeup that you can love everything about (formulation, colour pay-off, wearibility) then why not stick to it?  Having said that, I do think I should step away from Charlotte Tilbury counter for now....but I have just heard there’s a new online exclusive lipstick available...…

Love Katherine xxx 

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*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself unless otherwise stated*

Thursday, 21 June 2018

L'Oreal Summer Haul

Last month I did a bit of “pay-day” shopping and found myself at the L’Oreal counter in Boots.  They had their new Spring/Summer range out and I was completely sucked in by the beautiful bronze, summery theme.

As everything was on 3 for 2 I picked up a huge haul and here are my thoughts after giving them a go for the last month:-

Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops
I was really unsure whether to pick this up as I couldn’t see myself using liquid highlighter on a daily basis but as it was 3 for 2 I thought “why not?”.  There are two different shade options, “Champagne” and “Bellini” and I chose Champagne just because it was more golden than Bellini which is a little more peachy/orange.  A couple of dots on the tops of my cheekbones after I’ve done my concealer and foundation and I’m good to go.  I blend it in with a beauty blender and I love, love, love the subtle sheen it gives my cheeks.   It says you can also use it alone, under foundation or even mixed in with foundation, of which, the last two I haven't tried yet but it seems there are a lot of uses for this little bottle of shiney-ness!  I’m over the moon with this purchase.

Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Liquid in Champagne
There are a few negatives to this product though - the bottle is sturdy and glass which I like but it has a rubber-tipped pipette and the rubber part gets really dirty (just picking it up after applying your concealer etc) so it looks very grubby now.  The pipette isn’t great either and doesn’t squeeze out the product very well but instead just blows a bubble which is a bit strange but as there is so much product in the bottle, you don’t need to squeeze it at all and you can just dab the whole thing on your cheek.  Lastly, going back to how much product there is – there is loads (which is a good thing) but it does get messy when you’re closing it back up but I’ve learned if you do it slowly and carefully, nothing spills out over the side.
Would I purchase this again? Yes definitely.  I think it will last forever but I wouldn’t hesitate in buying it again if it did run out.

La Vie Highlighting Palette
Did I need another powder highlighting palette? Probably not, but this screamed at me to pop it in my basket as it just looked so golden and beachy.  There are two colour options for these palettes – Golden and Cool and I chose the Golden to match my skin tone the best.    Each palette contains four highlighting shades which I think is great value.  
La View Highlighting Palette in Golden
Formulation is spot on for these and you only need the tiniest dusting with a fan brush to give a gorgeous glow.  Intensity can be built up too for a more glam look depending on what you’re after.  I definitely think I will get a lot of use out of this palette through the summer. 
La Vie Highlighting Palette - swatches of all four shades
Back To Bronze Bronzing Powder
I love trying out different bronzers and saw this one and loved the packaging.  I have no idea why but it just reminded me of being on holiday.  There isn’t really too much to say about this other than it’s a really nice matte bronzer.  You get a lot of product and the compact is cute with a mirror and small brush too.  
Back To Bronze Bronzing Powder

Life’s A Peach Blush Powder
I definitely didn’t need another peach blusher but this was next to the bronzer and the model in the advertising was wearing them both together.... and you get where I’m going here don’t you. 

Packaged the same as the bronzer, you get a lot of product and the compact is the same with a mirror and small brush. 

I really like the colour of this – it’s not shiny but gives just the right amount of colour payoff and used together with everything else in the range, I love how it looks.
Life's A Peach Blusher

Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint
This is my least favourite product of everything I bought and I think the one I’m most disappointed about.  
Bonjour Nudista in the shade Medium
I always love tinted moisturisers around this time of year and this is described as “waking up your skin with a radiant glow”.  When I swatched it I thought it felt lovely but actually on my face it feels completely different.

It’s very, very thick and you need to work fast with this as it becomes impossible to blend otherwise.  I found it was dry and left my skin looking really flat, patchy and lifeless.   Such a shame as I was hoping for something dewy and light but this definitely isn’t that!  This one is a big no-no from me!

L’Oreal Paradise Mascara in Black  
This wasn’t part of the new range but I picked one up to make the 3 for 2.  I’d heard good things about it so thought I’d give it a go.  At first I loved it – it left my lashes looking full but not OTT but as the month has gone on I’ve noticed the wand is getting very clumpy and it’s hard to get a good finish to my lashes now. 

I’m always trying new mascaras so I’m not massively disappointed by this but I definitely won’t repurchase this one again.

L’Oreal Lipgloss – Dazzle
I’ve really got back into lipglosses recently and feel like I’m reliving my twenties where that seemed to be all I wore.  I just wanted a bronze/golden gloss which would be perfect for the summer.  I saw this one and I love the formulation – it’s really easy to wear and comfortable but I think it’s just a bit too pale for me on its own.  I think I can get away with layering it over something else though so not a complete disaster.

L'Oreal Lipgloss in the shade "Dazzle"
Color Riche Shine Lipsticks in 245 (High On Craze) and 643 (Hot IRL)
I’ve decided I don’t have enough lipsticks so picked up a few more (yep, you got it....because it was 3 for 2)!  I’ve never used this formulation before but I love them.  They don’t last for long (but they don’t claim to) and are just super easy to wear.

High On Craze is a light coral/orange perfect with a tan in the summer and Hot IRL is a nude brown.

Color Riche Shine Lipstick in 245 "High On Craze"

Color Riche Shine Lipstick in 643 "Hot IRL"
So that’s how I’ve found my little summer make up haul.  There are a few disappointing products in there but I’m glad I tried them out.  Do you change your make up for summer?

Love Katherine xxx

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*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself unless otherwise stated*