Friday, 4 November 2016

October Favourites!

October has literally just flashed past before my eyes!  I have been so busy and have fallen a little behind in terms of blog posts which I'm determined to put right as of now.  So let's get straight into the things I've been reaching for over the last 31 days......
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer
This has been the biggest surprise for me out of all the products I'm about to list.  I really dislike the feel of silicone based primers on my skin.  I'm not sure what it is, whether its because I feel they don't sink in or they feel quite slippy when I apply them but this is so different.  Think Benefit's Porefessional mixed with your favourite skin illuminator and that's the consistency. I pop this on after my moisturiser and before foundation and I love how it makes my skin feel nourished and prepped.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream
This is a repurchase of mine as it's my favourite everyday go-to face product.  It gives more coverage than my summer BB cream but not as much as a foundation so my face doesn't feel like I have too much product on it.  It blends beautifully and don't be surprised, even though its a CC cream it packs some serious coverage.  It also contains SPF 15 which is an added bonus.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation
I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this foundation as I don't wear matte foundations at all.  Superdrug were doing an offer of 2 for £12 so I picked this up and I'm so glad I did.  I use this on the days I go to work, when I want a little more coverage than my CC Cream.  Don't be fooled by the word "mat" in the name either - this gives a gorgeous natural glow to the skin....I'm hooked.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
Another Bourjois product in my favourites but for good reason (I promise this isn't a sponsored post).  I love Bourjois products as a great high-street brand and this is no exception.  I wanted a powder to dust over my T-Zone and under my eyes to set my make up and this does the job.  Not cakey or dry looking, it holds my make up brilliantly and stops any shine or creasing from appearing.
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
I don't know where I would be without this concealer.  I think I'm on my third tube of this now and will carry on re-purchasing.  Creamy (but not drying) and it gives great coverage, what more can you ask for at £5.99? An absolute bargain in my opinion.  I've been using this together with the product I'm about to talk about next......

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
This is definitely seen as more of a highlighting concealer so I don't use this on its own as my dark circles are quite literally the worst thing I've ever seen, so highlighting them would be a disaster.  I apply my Rimmel concealer first and dab this on top.  It has a great creamy consistency and is a dream to blend....definitely a favourite so far!
My Little Beauty Mascara
I got this in my September My Little Box and have to admit popped it straight into my make up storage.  I don't always use mascara for everyday as it ends up running or smudging or I accidentally rub my eyes and end up looking like a panda.  I remembered I had this when I went out one evening and thought I'd give it a go. This is one of the best mascara's I have ever tried (and I've tried a fair few).  It beats some of my more higher-end ones hands down.  What I love about this (apart from everything) is that it doesn't run from my bottom lashes (a massive winner for me) and also it somehow has a unique ability to be able to be worn during the day or for a night out.  It gives great definition with one application for a daytime look but you can be a bit more heavy-handed for an evening look and it gives gorgeous full lashes.  If you're unsure what My Little Box is I will link my first ever review here and the review of the box the mascara came with here.
Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil
One of the best finds I have ever come across on the High Street has to be these Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils.  If, like me, you're a fan of matte lips then I can't recommend these highly enough.  They go on so easily and are just so creamy.  The pencil is quite chubby so it doesn't drag the skin on my lips and it just glides on.

They actually really remind me of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils but at £4.99 are a fraction of the price. 

I picked up Nude Perfection (610) and as they were on offer for Buy One Get One Half Price I also picked up Keep It Classy (710) which is a deep berry colour.  I've found it very difficult to use anything else this month!
Make Up Bag
I have real addiction to make up bags! In my opinion you can never have too many! My best friend gave me this cute little bag a few weeks ago and it's been away with me and in my work bag all month.  It's the perfect size for carrying brushes or just everyday essentials like lip balms, tissues...all those little things we carry around with us everywhere!
That's it for my October favourites.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love this time of year, as the season changes from Summer to Autumn I find I use more products as my skin changes and I get to buy new products with different benefits.  If you'd like to have a look at any of the products I've mentioned just tap on the heading titles.

Have you used any of the products I've listed above?

Love Katherine xxx

*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself*

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