Tuesday, 5 July 2016

It's Time To Start Something New!

So here I am...I have made the decision! The decision I've been thinking about for a very long time now but keep popping it to the very back of my head....I am going to start a blog! Not for any reason other than I would like my two little boys to have something to look back on when I'm long gone from this world.  A diary if you like, of all my thoughts, stresses, rants and praises.  I spend quite a bit of time on my own at home and its kind of getting a bit boring just talking away to myself or having a one-sided argument about the current family on Jeremy Kyle so I thought I'd share it all out here and at least then I don't feel like its being wasted on Chewbacca or Michael-Angelo Ninja Turtle! Don't get me wrong, in terms of company they're ok, just a little quiet!

My original idea was to make this a beauty/fashion/shopping blog, which I think I am still aiming to do, although, maybe the boys won't want to spend hours reading about Becca's latest highlighter or the fact that I nearly pee'd myself with excitement when Benefit launched their Hoola Bronzer in a liquid format (just typing that makes me go weak at the knees!).  I've spent quite a lot of time creating an Instagram, Snapchat (a bit late to the party on that one) and Facebook page which I can sync everything up to so I'm going to give it a go at the very least and see what happens.

So I guess I should give a little background info on myself.  I'm not sure if that's what you do on a blog but I think its a good place to start surely.  I'm 40 and a wife to Mr Shopaholic_kh (who really isn't a shopaholic but the complete polar opposite to one in fact).  My husband despises everything about shopping and trudges around after me with his hands in his pockets muttering and shuffling like a caveman.  Now before you start with the "why do you go shopping with him if he hates it so much" or the "I'd go on my own"..... 99% of the time I do go without him, but there is that 1% where I find myself' in a shopping centre with him and I'm not sure how we got there or why we needed to be there, but it happens! Equally, shopping with our two little boys in tow is just as bad, if not worse! They are generally quite well behaved children but there is something about shopping centres and my children that turns them into monsters! Its like a switch goes off (or on) in their heads and off they go....through the double doors like its Supermarket Sweep and they're off to find the biggest inflatable guitar!! Both obviously have to go in separate directions and the trip isn't complete without one of them running into someone else's trolley or throwing themselves on the floor because they can't have 10 Hot Wheels cars because they did their homework! My eldest little boy (H) is 9 and my youngest (W) is 5.  Mr Shopaholic_kh and myself have been married for 14 years (together 18) and we live in a four bedroomed semi-detached house in the village where we grew up. 

We are happy! Is that right? Yes, we are happy.  Not quite the happy I would say we were when all we had to worry about was where our next holiday destination was going to be - that's a very different happy.  This is a happy in the sense that if we can manage to get to the end of the day only having had a handful of arguments over who looked at who wrong at the dinner table, only a couple of minor shoves and pushes in the hallway whilst performing the really taxing task of putting school shoes on, one hair tug or pinch and most importantly - no lost/stolen Pok√©mon cards.....we are happy!!

I've had a fascination for make-up/skin care, beauty and clothes shopping since I was a teenager.  I have a real feeling this stems from my childhood when I was made to wear the most hideous brown clumpy shoes (sorry Clarks) and knee high socks in Infant school when all around me all the other little girls had black patent Mary-Janes and the frilly little socks that turned over! I had short hair (I've never had long hair), was mistaken for a boy when I was 9 and was never allowed to wear make-up to secondary school! When I got my first secretarial job in London I went to Selfridges one lunchtime, had a make over at the Benefit counter and my obsession started.  I can even remember what I bought - bright pink and iridescent Show Off! eye powders and the Glamazon Bronzer (just the name had me whisked off to an Hawaiian island in my head as it was dabbed all over my face)!I sprung back to work like I was walking on air, swinging my little yellow Selfridges bag behind me and there, right then, was where my obsession with make-up and how it can make you feel so different about yourself, begun....

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