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Review: My Little Box - July 2016

Hey guys, and welcome back to my blog.  I've been working on a few bits but when My Little Box was delivered on Saturday, I dropped everything to get a post up on this beautiful little thing!  This is my sixth box to be delivered and so far I have loved every single one.

Before I launch into what the theme is for this month and what's inside, I will give you a brief insight into what this actually is.  My Little Box is a monthly subscription beauty box that is delivered to your door.  For a monthly recurring subscription it costs £14.95 (inc. postage & packaging) per month and you can cancel your subscription at any time (but I'm pretty sure once you started you wouldn't want to!).  There is also the option to gift a subscription, and you can do so for 3 months at £44.85 (one payment), 6 months at £89.70 (one payment) and a year for £179.40 (one payment).  It is a lifestyle and beauty box and each month, products are handpicked to fit in with the theme of that particular month's box.  The artistry on the box is absolutely beautiful and is done by My Little Box's artist Kanako Kuno.

So, let's get into reviewing this month's box... I can tell you now....its a good one!

Before I'd even got into the actual box I opened up the protective packaging to find a sticker with the caption "Caution falling coconuts".  This is now up on my fridge and every time I see it, it just makes me smile....its the simple things! 

The box this month is beautiful.  The theme for July is Coconuts and the box has gorgeous palm tree artwork with the word Coconut written in bright red across it.  I could just stare at this box for hours but I pulled myself away and opened it up!

Once you're inside the box, what becomes apparent is the amount of time and care that the My Little Box team put into creating these boxes and also packaging them.  These are not just products put loosely into a cardboard box, these are products and items that have been thoughtfully put together and wrapped so neatly with a little My Little Box ribbon.  I always feel that someone somewhere has really put their all into MY box and that makes it feel really special to me!

Every month you will receive two lifestyle/fashion items and three beauty products - one of which is from their in-house beauty brand My Little Beauty, their mini-magazine My Little World and an illustration from artist Kanako Kuno.

The illustration this month is of a girl in a floral bikini sipping from a coconut on a bamboo chair with a quote from Dustin Hoffman underneath.  I love these.  I frame them and put them on my wall as they are so unique.

The My Little World mini-mag is a lifestyle magazine and this month contains articles about how the Coconut became a star, Coconut recipes and also Coconut cocktails.  It contains really helpful articles relating to the beauty products in the box as well as how to use them, together with fashion items.

So, onto the lifestyle/fashion and beauty products.  I am so, so, excited this month by what My Little Box have chosen.  I am going on holiday in a few weeks and on my last minute shopping list I had a passport holder and a summer bracelet..... and guess what is in the box! Yep, I squealed with delight when I saw the Stella & Dot bracelet packaged in a gorgeous red palm print box with the caption "Sunshine Suits You!" and squealed even more when I saw the little pouch that says "oh, the places you'll go" on the front.  Both items are fantastic and great quality too!

The bracelet is a lovely thin gold bangle style bracelet with a little red tassle at one end and a chain fastener.  I have tiny wrists but this fits perfectly and is adjustable so I feel that everybody should be able to wear this. 

The passport holder is a green palm print holder with "Let's Get Lost" in red written across the front.  It is made of PU material so can be easily wiped but is also very durable.  I had been after a palm print passport holder so I am absolutely over the moon with these two items.

The beauty products are equally as exciting too!  The My Little Beauty item is a Coconut Spritzer Aftersun Spray.  It comes in a 100ml size so perfect for travelling.  I spritzed a little on my arm as soon as I received it and oh my........ it smells just gorgeous.  It takes me straight back to summer childhood holidays on the beach eating ice cream....what more could you want! It sinks straight in and doesn't leave any stickiness or greasy feeling which some aftersun's can.

Next up is a Merci Handy Coco Rico handy little hand sanitizer.  Perfect for our holiday where we are travelling by car over the course of a few days and we are sure to all get a bit grubby with service station stops etc.  The scent is Coconut (of course) and I have to say, as hand sanitizers go, this doesn't have that overpowering anti-bacterial smell but a lovely scent that really is quite subtle.  This is a handbag staple for sure!

The last product is an Yves Rocher Eau De Toilette in Coconut.  I have actually just finished up my summer perfume so this is ideal to pop in my make up bag as its a 20ml bottle.  The scent again is not overpowering at all but very subtle and as with all of these beauty items, I am transported to a gorgeous sunny beach somewhere sipping a Pina Colada!

All of these items are packaged in a little canvas draw-string bag which I just love.  They are so versatile and can be used for putting headphones/chargers etc when travelling, or I use mine as little make up bags for my handbags.

There is always a little card enclosed with prices of the products.  The bracelet this month cost £18.00, the passport holder £11.00 and the Coconut Spritzer £10.00.  That's £39.00 of products not including the hand gel, perfume, tote bag, magazine and artwork.  I also had in my box a sample size Ojon Rare Blend Oil Moisture Therapy which is a product to help with dry/split ends.  This is perfect this month as my hair is a little on the dry side and does tend to feel quite dehydrated when I'm away so I'll be giving this a go.

I absolutely love this subscription and really do think it is worth every single penny.  I have been a subscriber since February 2016 and I can honestly say there is not one box I haven't enjoyed.  If you would like to have a look at the website and a look at past boxes you can click here.

There is one downside to this though......... it feels so long until my August box arrives! I'm counting the days already.

I would love to hear from anyone who has this subscription and what their thoughts are or if you have another beauty box subscription, what are your favourites and why?

Love Katherine xxx

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