Wednesday, 2 May 2018

First Impressions: Younique Rose Water Toning Spritz

It’s not often that something makes me want to write a blog post immediately, right there and then, but that’s exactly what happened this morning.

After about a year and a half of debating, deciding, looking at other options, reading reviews on tonnes of other products, I finally decided to order a bottle of the Younique Rose Water Toning Spritz! “Why the delay”? I hear you ask.  Well, because, I actually think the products are incredibly overpriced.  That is obviously just my own personal opinion but as a self-confessed beauty addict I like to know that I can get seriously good quality beauty products in my local high street and still get change from £5.

The Younique Rose Water is £23 (excluding shipping costs which were free on the day I ordered) and I think that is a lot of money for a rose water spray.  When you consider, Glossier do a version (Soothing Face Mist) for £15 and Lancome sell their Tonique Confort Hydrating Toner for just £13 (not to mention various affordable high street options too), I was sceptical to part with my money for a brand I had never tried before.  But, my Facebook is flooded with Younique presenters telling me how amazing it is, literally nearly every day, on my news feed, so...these presenters can’t be wrong....right?

Well, they are most absolutely right! In every way! This spray is something else! (and there’s a lot of exclamation marks going on right there)!!!! Have I got my point across? If not, then this stuff is #dabomb!

Before I get to more punctuation marks though, let’s point out a few tiny negatives: the bottle is pretty small for £23.  I was a little disappointed when I opened the box as I just expected more product for the cost but that’s my own fault as I didn’t read any description before I ordered otherwise I would have known what to expect.  Just for information purposes, the bottle holds 40ml of product whereas, for example, the Lancome Toner I spoke about earlier holds 75ml and Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist is a huge 118ml.

The other (teeny tiny) negative is I don’t like the packaging.  It feels quite cheap and plastic and again, for the price, I would have expected something a little more “lux” but that’s just my own personal opinion.    

So let’s get on to the product itself.  The description on the back of the bottle reads:-

Directions:  After cleansing skin hold Refreshed Rose Water six inches from face and spritz to face and neck generously

I sprayed this over my face after my shower and before my moisturiser and instantly I was hit with a gorgeous soft rose scent (almost like the pink Turkish Delight you get at Christmas) and how easily my skin absorbed it.  I did pat the excess in but my skin was immediately ready for moisturiser with no waiting around (perfect when you are constantly in a rush like me)..

Next I sprayed it onto my beauty blender to blend in my concealer under my eyes and it blended like a dream but also gave the tops of my cheekbones such a gorgeous highlight which I just wasn’t expecting. 

By this point I had become borderline obsessed with it and sprayed it all over my face to “set” my make up.  I love a dewy look (the dewier the better) and this stuff is just gorgeous as a setting spray.  On the school run alone this morning I had two comments about how awake I looked (believe me, that’s definitely not down to a good night’s sleep!) It sprays evenly, dries almost instantly and four hours into the day and my skin is still feeling fresh and happy.

In my rush to try it out I didn’t take any “before” photos but I will pop a photo below of my make up all finished and ready for the day.

So just to recap – although I think it’s pricey and the packaging isn’t great, in the first few sprays I knew this had been elevated straight to my holy grail status.  Will I be repurchasing? Absolutely!! I don’t think it will last very long (which makes me quite sad) but already I can’t imagine life without it which means it must be love!

Have you used any Younique products before? What did you think of them?  Also, have you ever been sceptical of something that turned out to be amazing?

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. Well this sounds interesting! I quite like a hydrating/setting spray, especially when travelling, so have tried a few. I must admit, I too have often been put off the Younique products, but thats more to do with the constant flood of advertising they did in our area. I could be tempted to try this one! Great review, thank you for sharing xx

    1. Thanks for your comment honey. It is a lovely spray and does a great job of setting make up. Its nearly run out though so I think I'm going to have to leave this as something I put on a birthday or christmas list as £23 every fortnight will cost me a fortune. That's not putting a downside to it though - the product itself is great. I will do an updated blog post on this soon though xxxx

  2. I really think your too worried about how little you can spend ... I and most feel you get what you pay for.

    1. I love higher end products as much as I love bargain products but definitely like to see if there is something similar out there at a cheaper price. Quite often, higher end products have much less expensive dupes at just as good a quality so then I can use pennies saved on something else. As a beauty addict I find it fun finding these things out. Thank you for taking the time to comment xxx