Saturday, 18 February 2017

Models Own Christmas Gift Set

Hey everyone,

Christmas seems like such a long time ago now but I wanted to do a quick blog post on a beautiful gift set I got from my brother and his girlfriend from the cosmetics brand, Model's Own.
I have to admit I have never used anything from this brand before and I'm very guilty of walking past the pop-up in Bluewater or the new stand in our local Superdrug.  Another fail is I always thought they just sold nail polish! I was very wrong......

Egg Blending Sponge
My first impression of this is that, in the packaging, this looks exactly like the Original Beauty Blender.  Once out of the packaging though I did notice that the feeling of this sponge is quite a lot denser than the Original Beauty Blender.  This didn't change when I ran it under water either.  Whereas the Original Beauty Blender seems to soak up the water and expand in size, the Model's Own sponge didn't change at all, which is a little weird as I think you want it to at least feel like its soaked up some liquid.  I squeezed it out and started using it to blend my foundation using my usual "dabbing" motion.  This little sponge does as good a job as the Original Beauty Blender in blending in my foundation and didn't leave any marks or streaks.  At £6.99 it's also a cheaper alternative too.   

Sculpt & Highlight Powder
This is a beautiful highlighting powder in the shade "01 Golden Sand".  The packaging is a very simple white compact and inside is a mirror and the powder.  I have high highlighting expectations as the only ones I use are either the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders or the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector so I really wasn't expecting much of this, but that will teach me to form a conclusion before I've even tried it.  It really is a beautiful highlight, not too shimmery and the consistency is great too.  Just a little dab with a Real Techniques Fan Brush and a sweep onto the top of my cheekbones gives a gorgeous glow.  There's also enough on the brush to pop under my eyebrows too.  I'm really impressed with this product as a high street alternative to my more expensive brands.

All About The Look Gift Set

This contains six products:- two nail polishes, two lipsticks and two eyeshadows. 

Eyeshadows:- These are cream formulas and the set had the shades "Copper Pot" which, as the name would suggest, is a coppery/rust colour and also "Old Gold" which is a gold, almost khaki, colour.  They are both quite shimmery but I found by just applying Old Gold with my finger gave enough coverage to last all day.  I then just took a small eyeshadow brush and blended in Copper Pot to the crease.  They are beautiful colours and even without a primer, didn't crease or smudge.  I love these and will definitely be using them for a long time.

Nail Polishes:- The set contains the shades "Chrome Rose" and "Chrome Silver".  The silver colour is really pretty and I think I would definitely wear this out to a party, maybe something like New Years Eve where I tend to go a bit "all out" with the glitter and silver! The "Chrome Rose" is just beautiful.  A stunning rose gold colour that can be worn during the day or evening.  I have to say, they did chip after a day, but I am very hard wearing on my hands (housework without using gloves etc) and most nail varnishes don't last a long time.  For me, I think I will keep these for when I go out and I don't need them to stay on too long.  I'm also a bit unsure of the is quite overpowering and reminded me of Tippex, but as long as I don't stick my nose too close to it, it's ok!

Lipsticks:- The two lipsticks in the set are "Satin Red" and "Satin Pink" and are a matte finish.  Out of the two, I think the red definitely suits my skin tone the best although I do like both of them very much.  The red is a great classic shade and I think I could get away with the pink in the summer.  They do feel quite dry on the lips so I would suggest prepping your lips with some lip scrub and a bit of lip balm first but I think most matte lipsticks can be slightly drying so I'm not disappointed by this.
Overall I have to say I'm really impressed with all the products that I received and it's definitely made me think about visiting the Model's Own counter when I'm next at Bluewater.

I'd love to know if any of you have used any Model's Own and if so, what are your favourites?

Love Katherine xxx 

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*All pictures and opinions are entirely my own.  All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself*

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