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Surviving The Party Season with Percy & Reed

Hey everyone,

Are you all Christmas ready?? If it helps, I am not at all in any way Christmas ready.  I am usually so super organised when it comes to December with everything written down and list after list is crossed off but this year, it just ain't happening! Anyway, I have three days to get my bottom into gear and if I forget something (just not the Ham, Turkey or Proscecco) it's no big deal right (well....that's what I keep reading in every magazine!!).

One thing I can be sure of this year though is that my hair is going to be looking tip-top! That's because I was lucky enough to receive some products in the post from my favourite haircare brand, Percy & Reed.   If you're a regular follower of this blog and my Instagram (@shopaholic_kh) you will know how much I absolutely love the products of theirs I have tried so far.  I will link my blog posts here and here if you want to have a read on my thoughts from back in August/September when I first purchased some of their products.
I received four full-size products:- "Big, Bold & Beautiful" Dry Instant Volumising Spray, "A Walk In The Rain" Shine & Fragrance Mist, "Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational" Volumising No Oil Oil and the "Quite Frankly Flawless" Finishing Polish.  After using them daily, these are my thoughts on them:

"Big, Bold & Beautiful" Dry Instant Volumising Spray - £14.00
Volumising sprays (or texturye sprays as they are also known) have been a part of my finishing haircare routine for about the last 4 or 5 years.  I am not lucky enough to get away with not washing my hair everyday so with short or medium length hair it is always quite fine and silky.  I do love that my hair is nice and shiny and soft but it lacks any kind of volume so after straightening I always add a texture spray to the roots and around my fringe area.  I have tried some really bad ones in the past and the ones I particularly don't like are the ones that leave my hair feeling sticky.  That's why I love this one so much.  With just a little spray at the roots it gives my hair instant volume without my hair feeling like it has any product in - the perfect scenario for a volumising spray in my opinion.  I also need to mention the smell.  All Percy & Reed products I have tried have the most gorgeous, fresh, zingy scent and it lingers in my hair all day.

"A Walk In The Rain" Shine & Fragrance Mist - £15.00
I was so excited to receive this product as I had wanted to try it out for such a long time and I had even put it on my Christmas list.  This is firstly a shine spray, designed to be sprayed onto dry hair to give your hair a real glossy shine.  Does it do that?  Absolutely yes! Secondly, it has the most gorgeous scent - just think a Spring garden after it's just rained - fresh, floral and so, so clean! This has been a life-saver for me for when I've been out mid-week and not had time to re-wash my hair.  You know what it's like - you're going out in the evening but first you have to get through two school runs, work, cooking dinner etc by which time you're hair isn't exactly looking like Jennifer Aniston's!  I re-do my make up and then spray this onto my hair to give it a spruce up and it leaves it smelling so fresh and clean! I am loving this spray so much right now!

"Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational" Volumising No Oil Oil - £14.00
I have always been sceptical when it comes to oils for my hair as it's so fine.  I just imagine the oil to really weigh my hair down.  I had previously tried this in mini format, having bought the Volumising Gift Set which contains four mini products to try out so I knew how great it was and was thrilled to receive a full size as I was ready to repurchase.  This oil is just so light and can be used both on wet and dry hair so a real multi-tasking product.  I use this on towel dried hair after I have put on the Wonder Balm.  Just a few drops (4 at the most) in the palm of my hand is enough to cover the ends of my hair which can get quite dry after styling.  When I use this I also notice my hair has significantly more volume after blow drying than when I don't use it (completely dispelling my fears it would do the complete opposite).  I have no idea how that science works but it does help to give my roots a boost! I then use a few drops as a little extra treat for my hair after straightening to help keep my ends looking nice and smooth.

"Quite Frankly Flawless" Finishing Polish - £10.00
So this is the bargain product of the bunch as at only £10.00, this huge tube will last you absolutely ages.  Formulated to keep your hair looking smooth and frizz-free, it also delivers a non-sticky hold that will hold your style in place all day.  I recently ran out of my Session Hold hairspray (it's on my Christmas list so please Santa, if you're reading this, I really would love some more) and this does a brilliant job of keeping my fine flyaways in check.  With only the tiniest amount needed, I just smooth it between the palms of my hands and smooth them down, starting at my parting, all the way to the ends of my dry, straightened hair.  I also concentrate around the hair line where I have quite a lot of baby hair.  I didn't think I would get much use out of this product but as with all of the Percy & Reed products, it's become a firm favourite of mine.  The scent is just gorgeous too with the signature floral, fresh perfume that I love so much.
These Percy & Reed products have been on constant repeat this month and I know they will continue to be for as long as I can imagine.  I honestly can't see myself using any other hair products.

I would love to know if you have used any Percy & Reed products, and if so, what one's are your favourites?

Love Katherine xxx

**Although I received these products complimentary from Percy & Reed, all opinions are entirely my own**

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this review. The products sound lovely x

  2. Thank you so much:-) So glad you liked the review:-) Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx