Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Empties - November 2017

Hey everyone,

Well, as always, it's been a fair ol' while since I published on here (about a month if I'm exact)! Why?Life just got crazy! To be fair it's my own fault - I have two children and their birthdays fall on the 20th November and the 20th December so I only have myself to blame, but I've also had 11+ results and school applications to think about, numerous school dress up/down days to sort out and also Christmas planning so I kind of feel I'm living my life in one of those 1970's spin dryers!!!! My life has literally become one long crazy "to-do" list that I'm barely making an indent into it right now.  On the plus side though, my other little sideline, Hariam Jewellery & Accessories has been doing really well and I've loved putting aside all the stresses and strains and sometimes just spending an entire day making new pieces of jewellery or completing orders for customers.  Thank you to everyone who has supported both my "Blogs" page and my jewellery page - you guys really are the best!

I have been accumulating "empties" for the best part of a year and I usually just throw them into a huge basket in our spare room.  The plan was to do a YouTube video but the basket is out of control and the video would probably end up being about 2 hours long there is so much stuff to go through so I have re-thought and decided to do a more regular "empties"post on here so I'm starting off with everything I have used up in the months of October and November.

Treaclemoon Honeycomb Shower Gel
I flipping love this stuff.  It's available from Tesco and Waitrose and this huge bottle costs only £3 (they are always on offer though at £1 off so a bargain for £2!!!).  It has such a gorgeous sweet scent and it leaves my skin feeling really soft.  I purchase this on repeat and have a stash in my bathroom cabinet.

Percy & Reed Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner
If you're a regular to my Instagram page you will know I am such a fan-girl of Percy & Reed.  Their products just seem to be made for my hair and I can't get enough of them.  I bought these mini's in a set which contained these, a "no oil-oil" and a texturising spray all for £16.00 from Marks & Spencers.  It's a great way to try things out and see what you think before committing to a full-size bottle.  The smell of this shampoo and conditioner is just so fresh and clean and it left my hair feeling so soft and manageable.  There is a large range of different shampoo's and conditioner's to choose from so I am going to give the Wonder Wash version a try next.  I'm loving the oil and spray too and will definitely re-purchase when they've run out.

Vitamin Shot Face Scrub
I got this face scrub way back in a My Little Box (I think it was the February 2017 box but I'm not certain).  This makes me really nostalgic though as I know it was back in the day when My Little Box were really at the top of their game and products like this were the reason why.  This has been a staple in my morning routine and I would pop it on whilst in the shower, twice a week.  It's a gently face scrub that left my skin feeling really clean and tip-top.  I'm so sad I can't repurchase this.

TiGi Catwalk Fashionista Intensive Brunette Hair Mask
Another fab My Little Box product - this was included in one of my all-time favourite boxes, The Brooklyn box.  I will link my review of that box here just because it was such a great box but it's worth noting that sadly, My Little Box have just announced they will no longer be shipping to the UK which is really sad.  This though, is a huge pot of intensive hair conditioner and it smells just like chocolate.  I would pop this onto my hair after shampoo and before conditioner and it really perked up my hair.  I would use this two to three times a week and a little really did go a long way and has lasted me an entire year.  I haven't looked into if this available to buy anywhere but I will be investigating.

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion
I ordered this little bottle through my Latest In Beauty subscription and I have to be honest, when I was choosing it, I wasn't 100% sure exactly what it was supposed to be or do.  The name doesn't really give anything away but after reading reviews on it I decided it must be a serum of sorts and you apply it before moisturiser day and night.  Reviews were great but I have to say it really didn't change anything for me at all.  I'm glad I tried it but I won't be repurchasing this in a full size.

Bath & Body Works "Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow" Candle 
My friend brought this cute little candle home last year with her from Canada after Christmas and I decided to save it for this time of the year so it's been in my candle basket nearly the whole year.  It's such a teeny little size but seriously packs a punch in the fragrance stakes.  I had this burning in my hallway over the course of about a week and even when it wasn't lit, if I left the lid off, the fragrance carried right upstairs.  I have never used Bath & Body Works candles before but this has left me really impressed (and with a long list for my friend this year when she goes back home)!

So that's everything I have used up over the last few months.  I have been trying really hard to use things up completely before starting on something else and I am finding it very satisfying to get to the bottom of a bottle!

What has been your favourite product you have used up this month?

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. Great post my lovely. I have tried that Honeycomb bath and shower gel too - yummy! x

    1. Thanks my friend:-) It's lush isn't it;-) I think I will buy it in bulk next time;-)

  2. I really want to try more products from Percy and Reed. I saw those little sets i M&S and totally agree, they are a great way to try products. I need to pick one up next time I venture to Bluewater. I love the sound of the shower gel too, I love sweet smelling shower gels. Enjoyed this post xx

    1. Ah definitely grab one:-) They do last a fair old while too which is good for a mini selection;-) Thank you as always lovely lady:-) xxxx