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August Favourites!

Hey everyone,

It’s August Favourites time! I know it’s a teensy bit late but I’ve been caught up in the whole excitement of getting the kids back to school and getting some shred of normality back in my life.

I’m not surprised to see that my list of favourite things is pretty short for August.  I think this is a combination of it being the summer (beauty and cosmetics products always seem less for me in the heat) and it also being the school holidays and just not having the time that I usually do.  I also want to put a disclaimer out there about the photo quality.  I have no idea what has happened to my camera, but I had to run an update and since then my camera has been all over the place in terms of focusing and it's driving me mad.  I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my blog photos so it's killing me that these aren't quite up to the standard I would like!  
First up is the strangest product I think I have ever used....ever! I’m talking about the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun with Coconut & Papaya fragrance.  We took this (along with the Sun Lotion) on holiday and I loved the Sun Lotion.  I should have actually included it in this blog as it was so good, but I used it all up and threw away the bottle, but it sank straight into my skin, wasn’t sticky at all and smelt delicious! The after sun though, oh my word, it burned my skin as soon as I applied it on holiday.  My legs and arms felt like they were on fire so I abandoned it after the first use.  My husband used it and he did say it tingled but I hated the feeling of it on me.  I will say, I wasn’t sunburnt in any way as I don’t tend to spend too much time just laying in the sun so I don't think it could be the effects of too much sun on my skin or anything like that.  When we got home however, I tried it again and it is the loveliest moisturiser and really leaves my skin feeling silky and hydrated.  I can even feel it on my skin the next day when I get in the shower.  I have been using this every day since I got back from holiday but every time I look at it I just find it so strange that it was unusable on holiday! If anyone has used this I’d love to know your thoughts on it?
Next up is the Rimmel Insta Fix & Go Setting Primer.  I bought this the day before I went away and threw it in my make up bag and it was one of the only things I used all holiday (check out my blog post “What’s In My Make Up Bag” which I will link here).  It has a really refreshing cucumber scent and so I kept spritzing this all over my face after I’d had a shower on holiday as it was just so hot.  Now I’m home I spray it onto my face before and after I’ve done my make up to give it a bit of staying power.  Definitely one of the best make up sprays I’ve tried I would definitely repurchase this.
Another fave this month is another Rimmel product and that’s the Professional Eye Brow pencil (in the shade Brown/Black).  I bought this ages ago and forgot about it but it was only when I ran out of my NYX Micro Pencil and was hunting around for something to use in desperation and found this.  It’s fab and a bargain at £3.99.  It’s really creamy and easy to apply and I find I can get quite a dramatic brow if that’s the look I want or I can apply it a bit more sparingly just to cover my scars.  I’m not sure I will repurchase the NYX one now that I have this.
Lastly, products wise (and this will be no surprise to anyone who follows my Facebook and Instagram page) are the Perfectly Perfecting Wonderbalm and the Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray from Percy & Reed.  I have wasted many minutes of my life just popping into Marks to just look at these and try and decide whether I needed to part with £30 for two hair care products.  I’d pick them up, read them, stare at them and then I decided to do it and I so wish I had done it years ago.  I will point out that  Marks and Spencer are running a promotion where you buy two full sized products and you receive a full sized Dry Shampoo which is a great offer (I haven’t tried the Dry Shampoo yet as I wash my hair every day).  I cannot stress how much I love these products, this brand, just everything.... basically they are all the adjectives and so many more.  I apply the Wonderbalm to my towel dried hair and style as normal, but I swear this has cut the drying time by half.  My hair dries with a glossy sheen and that’s just the first step in my routine.  I then straighten (always a must for me even when I’m doing a wave which is my current style favourite) and to finish I spray a super-light mist of hairspray.  Both products smell amazing and the hairspray just seems to reduce any of those funny baby hairs that immediately stand up the minute I step out into any kind of dampness or the dreaded word “drizzle”!!  It also holds my wave in which is unheard of for my hair and all this whilst still leaving your hair all swishy and not at all sticky.  I can’t imagine being without these two products and I can’t wait to be able to try out some more – I have my eyes firmly on the Totally TLC Hydrating Mask, the Wonder Overnight Recovery, the Bountifully Bouncy Volume Shampoo & Conditioner... actually, who am I kidding... I want to try every single one of their products!
I can't finish an August Favourites blog without a nod to what I think August and the summer holidays are all about for me, and that's family and friends time.  We've had one of the best summers ever, having been lucky enough to spend time with friends who are incredibly special to us (a quick shout out to the friends who we didn't get to catch up with (you know who you are) I know we'll get a date in the diary soon and you're still special to us😊)and also our family too.  We enjoyed a fantastic ten days away in Spain just the four of us which was just bliss and absolutely what we needed and now the whole fun of the autumn/winter season can fully begin.
Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above? I’d love to know if you have and what you thought.

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. I really like the sound of these hair products. Great to hear that you've had a wonderful Summer time with the family xxx

  2. I am so desperate to try the Percy and Reed products since we discussed them on Twitter. Im like you though, and procrastinate over the price tag! I will definitely pick up a shampoo though, my crazy hair needs something!