Tuesday, 18 July 2017

(Final?) Review: My Little Box July 2017

Hey everyone,

It's that time again when I review my monthly My Little Box and let you know my thoughts on what's inside. 

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that, for the best part, I've had a great relationship with this subscription box, but there have been a few up's and down's along the way.  None more so than in 2017.  I feel that they started off on such a good note with the January box (my review of this can be found here), but fell short of the mark in February and since then I've not really known what to expect from month to month.

Last month's Los Angeles box (review linked here) was ok but I felt the box was let down with the lack of thought put into the theme and therefore giving me the impression that, at some point, whoever creates these boxes had got a bit bored and started chucking anything in.  I made no secret that I would wait for the July box to see whether I would keep my subscription running with them or give another company a go, so here goes... the review...(could it be my final one)?!!

The box starts with great promise as the artwork (even when the products have been disappointing, the artwork has always been on point) is stunning, and has the word "Seashells" across the lid in bold black lettering, with pictures of shells behind it.  It's a really striking, pretty box and my heart leapt when I saw it.  This got me thinking that it must be a "beach" theme which is just what you want when your summer holidays aren't too far away.
Once inside, there was a print, but I've definitely seen better ones in previous boxes.  There's not much printed on it other than the words "Let's go see the sea" and some sea artwork and nothing on the back.  When the prints have been really good I've framed them but I don't think I'll be doing that with this one unfortunately.

The first lifestyle item I picked out was a little set of two postcard-sized prints with envelopes.  One has a phrase in French and the other has the phrase "Offline is the new luxury".  I've come to expect little touches like this from My Little Box but my immediate thought was what these had to do with a "Seashell" themed box...or maybe it's a beach themed box?
Anyways, on I went and found a cute little box containing two paper candle holders and two tealights.  The box is a gorgeous midnight blue colour with the words "Summer Night Candle Holder", and so are the tealights.  The paper holders have a two-tone effect in dark blue and cream.  I like these and think they are super cute, but they look and feel quite flimsy so I'm not sure how well they'll survive outside.  There is also a warning to make sure you place a glass jar inside first to stop the paper from burning.  I have to say, at this point, I was a little confused about the theme and maybe I'd misinterpreted it and there's more of a summery, chilled- out evenings kind of vibe going on.
There was also a little shell in a plastic covering which on closer inspection is actually a sweet I think.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure but if it is, it's incredibly hard (like a boiled sweet) and as the shell isn't edible I have no idea how you'd eat it.  There's no way I'll be putting a shell in my mouth, but I'm now back to thinking we are working with a shell/beach theme (again). 

The next (and last) lifestyle item threw me 100% right back to the beach theme though as it's an inflatable Travel Pouch/Pillow.  I absolutely love this and think it's a great inclusion into a beach-themed box and by far one of my favourite lifestyle items I've received since I started my subscription.  I hardly use a sunbed at the beach, preferring to just lay on a towel on the sand but I hate propping my head up on my beach bag so this is brilliant and I can't wait to use it. 

This one product really lifted my spirits up and for an instant I had high, high hopes for what came next.  The beauty products.  Arguably for me, the one thing that has let many previous boxes down in the past.  The little canvas tote bag has a cute little seashell print in dark blue which I like, and it ties in perfectly with the box so things are looking good.....
Once inside we have a.....body scrub!! Ok, not a disaster but it doesn't get me dancing around the room either.  I have to say I like the My Little Beauty products and as a body scrub I can kind of see why this was included and I will more than likely use it at some point, but it's just a bit...well....meh! 

With my hopes slightly dashed I delved in to find another hand cream!! As I'm writing this, the words are literally screaming in my head!!! Why, oh why do I have another hand cream and what on earth does a rose-scented (the scent is lovely I'll give it that) hand cream have to do with a Seashell/Beach/Summer Night themed box????I am so cross with the inclusion of this item - I'm fed up with seeing hand creams, face creams, perfume samples or duplicate items in my subscription.  There must be 100's of products out there but I've lost count of the hand creams I've had.  But not only that, if anyone could help me out and let me know what I've missed with the connection between Seashells and rose-scented hand cream I'd really love to know as I can't stop scratching my head.
Things don't really get any better with the final product which is a radiant eye contour mask.  Again, great, I'll give them a go.  I've never heard of the brand Qiriness before but to me the problem with the inclusion of this item is that they look almost like a sample product and they've just been thrown in as an after thought.  I am so confused by the box I have no idea what eye pads have to do with shells or beaches.
And that was that.  I'd got to the end of the box and if I'm honest when I opened up that little pouch I just lost interest.  My mind had been made up - I cancelled my subscription immediately.
As with the LA box I have absolutely no idea what the theme is supposed to be.  If you are going to theme a box then that theme has to run all the way through it.  When I look back to this time last year and the Coconut box (review linked here if you want to check out a happier review) My Little Box couldn't have put a foot wrong.  It was fantastic and well thought out but now it all seems like too much trouble and just leaves me really confused. 

I've decided to give another subscription box a go so hopefully soon I'll be able to share my thoughts on that with you all but for now, it's with sadness my once good relationship with My Little Box has come to an end.  Who knows whether in the future I'll dip back in - I'd really like to think so and I'll continue keeping an eye on what the boxes are like each month, but until then, it's au revoir My Little Box.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this subscription box if you tried it.

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. I love real-life, honest reviews like this that say what we are all thinking! I am not a subscriber to this box but I totally agree - either theme and stick with it or go for a random mix each month. To do half and half is just disappointing when we know there are so many products around which would fit the beach theme perfectly. Beach hair salt spray, beach themed nail stickers, lip balm with SPF...I could go on. Keep blogging my lovely, you do a fabulous job xxx

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and comment too. Yes I absolutely agree - I could reel off loads of things like tinted face moisturisers with SPF, hair protection mists... the list goes on. I also think with My Little Box, the lure of this subscription was the theme each month but it's been really lacking of late. I feel it was definitely time for a change after this one xxxx

  2. Well done Kathy stick to your guns, enjoyed hearing about your "little box"but enough is enough xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Maureen. Yes I definitely will. If I'm going to pay £15 a month I at least want to be happy with the products I receive xxxx