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Review: My Little Box - April 2017

 Hey everyone,

Apologies for the lateness in my review of the April My Little Box - my delivery was really late this month and I only received it a few days ago. 
The name of the box this month is "Garden" and fits in perfectly with the time of year.  I love the artwork on the outside.  As My Little Box have changed things up a little this year, this is only the second box out of four and as much as I love the bags and variety of containers, I do also love the artwork that comes with having an original "box".

This month it seems jam-packed and was literally bursting at the seams when I opened it up.
As I've said before, I love how everything is always so nicely presented and tied up using the My Little Box ribbon.

The first thing I spotted was a "Garden To Table" planting guide.  It's a fold-out piece of paper listing each month and what fruit and vegetable you can expect to be harvesting at that time.  I'm not a gardener (although I love the idea of being one) so this isn't much use to me but I'll be passing it over to my sister-in-law who has her own allotment and can honestly grow anything.
Underneath that was a magnetic shopping list.  This is perfect as I always have something like this in my kitchen to jot notes on or things I need in the shopping.  The front also has the recipe for a detox water drink which I think is really helpful (especially after all the chocolate eating of Easter).  The colour is a lovely green and has the same pretty floral pattern on it as the Garden To Table list.
I love the next item which is a really pretty water bottle.  I have loads of these but I really like the colour-way with greens and blues and the pattern is really cute (almost like a wave pattern).  It has a diffuser inside in which you can put your chopped up fruit or vegetables (or both) to flavour your water.  It doesn't have a spout to drink from and instead has a screw-cap lid but with the diffuser in place it's easy enough to drink out of. 
Carrying on the lifestyle items I came across a little square envelope which contains a gorgeous green and blue printed scarf/bandana.  On the back of the envelope are ideas on how to wear it - personally I don't wear bandanas and if I have a scarf I like it to be huge and oversized but I like the idea of using it as a belt or tying it to my handbag as something a little more quirky.  The quality of the fabric is also really good.
As a little bonus extra there is a small packet of Ape Coconut Bites.  This is a brand I've never heard of and I don't often snack on dried fruit but I had these with my lunch and they were delicious.  
So, finally we make it to the beauty products.  As always I am pleased to see the little drawstring bag and I love the palm leaf print (but I think if it was in green it would have tied in perfectly).
I could see something peeping out of the top so pulled that out first to see a huge bottle of moisturising body lotion.  It's by a brand called Mixa and I've never heard of them before but the fact it's for "very dry skin" had me excited straight away.  I suffer terribly with dry skin on my legs and after my trusted brand for body lotion discontinued my favourite product I've really struggled to find anything as good.  I tried this straight away and after just one use I absolutely love it.  I honestly can't be happier with it.  It has a lovely subtle floral scent and a couple of pumps was enough to make my legs feel super hydrated and happy.  I'm hoping with continued use it will really sort out my seriously unhappy legs in time for summer.  I have to say the bottle doesn't look that amazing but in this instance, definitely don't judge a product by it's branding as I will be stocking up on this as it's fantastic.
As always there are the My Little Beauty products and this month I was surprised to see I had two.  The first is an Early Morning Face Perfector which is something I received in my very first box so I've decided not to open this and put it into my Instagram Giveaway box. I'm still using the original one and I do really like it but it's a bit of a shame it's a repeat of something I've had before as I think there must be loads of things I haven't tried from My Little Beauty (especially make up products which I'd love to try more of). 

The last My Little Beauty item is again skincare, and is a Vitamin Shot Face Scrub.  I'm excited to give this a try as I love facial exfoliators (especially at this time of year) and I do rate the My Little Beauty skincare as being one of my favourites. 

All in all I have to say I really love this month's box.  I've felt this year there have been a few I haven't been as excited about but with this one I really think My Little Box have their mojo back.  I love the theme and the products and items fit well into this.  I think the telling thing for me is I've already started using some items straight away like the water bottle, magnetic list and the body moisturiser so I always think that's the sign of a good box.
I would love to know if you have any favourite subscription boxes that you really rate or if you've tried any of the things mentioned?

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. This is really interesting - I didn't even know this box existed! It would be lovely to hear your thoughts on the products when you have used them for a while. I like the theme of these items and it seems like a lovely selection xxx

    1. That's a great idea. I definitely think I'll do that. Sometimes I put the products away and come back to them but definitely this month there are a couple of things that I've already started using and loving so doing an update on them is beneficial I think. It's a great subscription box and the reason I love it is because of the different themes each month. It sets it apart from the other beauty subscription boxes I think xxx

  2. Thanks Kathy another informative blog xx

    1. Thanks so much Maureen - I really appreciate your comment and feedback xxx

  3. This box looks fab. Iv never tried a box from this company. Iv had a few of the others, but found I rarely used any of the items, so it became a waste. I like the idea of this one though, a lifestyle/beauty combo.