Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Review: My Little Box - March 2017

Hey everyone,

After missing a blog post on the February My Little Box due to being on holiday (I did do a Facebook Live unboxing which I hated so won't be revisiting them any time soon), this marks a special occasion as it's exactly a year since I started my subscription with My Little Box. 

If you're new to my blogs and don't know or haven't heard of My Little Box I will link my first review here and I'll also put some links under my sign-off so you can take a look.
2017 has seen a bit of a re-vamp into the "box" side of things and I'm absolutely loving it.  I honestly don't know what to do with the boxes I have acquired as they are so pretty I can't bear to throw them away (seriously, if there are any crafty people out there reading this - is there something I could do with 10 pretty boxes??). January's "box" was a drawstring bag and it's great to have something I can actually put to use.  For March though we have a (insert drumroll please).......

...... super pretty make up/toiletry bag in a gorgeous pastel peach shade with the slogan "#nofilter...s'il vous plait" on it.  One side is see through and the other is slightly frosted and has the slogan on.  It's also a good-sized rectangle shape.  Inside it contained all the things for this month's subscription.

The first thing I pulled out was a cute little notebook.  Titled "Beauty Notes", it has make-up inspired artwork all over the front and back.  The first few pages have some interesting articles relating to the theme of the box (no filters/no make up...just be you) and an interview with Laura Mercier (that connection will make sense later) and then lined pages after.  I'm always happy with a notebook.  I use them for everything and am so "old-fashioned" as I much prefer pen and paper to using my phone.

The second item is a fanastic quality make up brush.  It came in a beautiful pastel box titled "Selfie Brush".  It's actually described as a foundation brush but as the head is quite large I'd probably use this as a blusher or powder brush.  It's a great little size though and would be perfect for travelling and I love the baby pink pastel colour and rose gold detail.

The third thing I came across really baffled me and is a bit of a "meh" product if I'm honest and it's a smartphone "ring".  I kind of get that some people are "married" to their phones but although I rely on my phone a huge amount, I don't think I'm quite at marrying stage (Mr Shopaholic may disagree with this!).  It does have a lovely rose gold backing and does double up as a tripod (on-the-go) but having just got a brand new phone I don't really want to stick anything to the back of it and personally I think it just looks a little ugly.  That's my own personal opinion though and I guess if you were after one of these you'd be over the moon with it.

So those were the lifestyle on to the beauty items....

...first up was a Laura Mercier Foundation Primer.  It's a handy travel (dare I say "sample") size but I've been wanting to try this for ages so I'm pleased it's finally made an appearance.  Promising to make pores disappear, even skin-tone, brighten and provide coverage, I can't wait to see if this do-it-all product lives up to expectation.

The second beauty item is a gorgeous nude coloured nail polish from My Little Beauty.  The packaging looks great and the colour looks perfect for this time of year so I'm very happy this was included.  I've never tried the My Little Beauty nail polishes before so I'm intrigued to see what the quality is like.
The last item (and it pains me to say it) was another...yes another perfume sample! Yes, it's travel sized, yes it's Calvin Klein (Deep Euphoria) and yes, it smells lovely (notes of Lilac and Black Magic Rose)...but I think I've had a perfume sample in at least four boxes (and definitely the last two in a row).  I would really like to see something else in my box now apart from another perfume sample.
Also included in this month's "bag" were the pretty information cards giving details about the products (still no pricing information on them though which I used to really like) and the monthly "print" which is brilliantly instragram-able (is that even a word?). 
The theme of this month's "bag" is "be yourself, no filters... just you" and I love the message it's trying to convey and the pretty pastel colours tie in beautifully with the theme and the season too.  Is this my favourite box? I have to say no - whilst I love the bag and most of the items I'm disappointed by another perfume sample and the phone ring.  But hey.. that's the fun and excitement of a subscription box and I'm still looking forward to what April's "box" will bring.  

I'd love to know if you have any subscritipn box recommendations?

Love Katherine xxx

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  1. That all looks gorgeous. And in such a cute little bag, too xxx

    1. They've really tied the colours and theme in nicely this month and I love the bag:-)Thanks for taking the time to read this and commenting:-)xxx

  2. It looks awesome. I was thinking about this subscription for a while and now I am probably sold haha:)

    1. Haha...I'm glad I could be of assistance;-) Thank you so much for reading and commenting... in all honesty I really think it's a fab subscription box:-) xxx