Friday, 21 October 2016

Review: My Little Box - October 2016

Hey everyone,
We are well and truly into Autumn now and so today I am bringing you my review of the October My Little Box.  I had a few tense days waiting for mine to arrive again but I think my postman is getting used to my crazed looks around the same time of the month!

Luckily for you guys I haven't progressed onto You Tube Unboxing's just yet otherwise all you would hear would be high-pitched shrieks! I am in such wonder that My Little Box can produce box after box of such great quality items, but they just get better and better. 

The theme this month is "Brooklyn" and the artwork on the cover of the box is of a lady sitting on a Brooklyn side-walk drinking a cup of coffee.  There is also a sticker on the inside of the outer box of a doughnut and the words "Donut Worry".  I love the little stickers - they just make me smile when I see them!
The first thing inside is a card with a sketch drawing of Brooklyn and on the back is the idea behind this month's box.  I love these - they are so cute and I like to frame my favourite ones.  I'm getting quite a collection going on!
When I picked up the next card I wasn't expecting the little leaf-shaped stencil on the other side.  I have a little collection of stencils I use (when I have time) on my coffee - it gives me that feeling I'm at a quaint little coffee shop even when I can't afford to be! I don't have this shape so I'm happy with that.  I'm starting to sense the theme around the box already.

Next up is the monthly My Little World mini-magazine. This month it features a Brooklyn City Guide, it's usual fashion and lifestyle features and some great recipes themed around the next thing I'm going to talk about.......
The first thing my eyes were drawn to was the square box nestled nicely in the corner.  Inside is literally the cutest little mug I have ever seen! The slogan on the mug says "Coffee Made Me Do It" in gold and it has a dark green rim at the top. It's enamel based so not suitable for microwave use but definitely suitable for an Americano, in your slouchies, wrapped in a cosy blanket!
The second lifestyle item baffled me for an instant.  I thought it was a pair of earrings but actually they are pins.  There are three altogether - two rose gold ones in the shape of diamonds with a green stone in the middle and a super cute donut one on the other side.  You can do anything with these - pop them on your bag, on a scarf, on their own, or like me - altogether to jazz up a plain shirt.

My canvas tote was bursting this month!  I have three amazing products that I can't wait to try out!
The first product is a By Terry waterproof khol eye crayon!!! I have always wanted to try something from By Terry but they are an expensive brand and I haven't been able to justify it yet so this is just perfect! It's a gorgeous gold (Shade 15 - Gold Ornament) which can be used as an eyeshadow or as liner and this stuff does not go anywhere! I swatched it on my hand immediately and the only way it came off was with make up remover! I can't wait to try this out - I think it will be perfect for the Christmas party season.
The second beauty product is the My Little Beauty "Save My Nails" nail strengthener.  I wear nail polish a lot and sometimes my nails don't always appreciate that.  I can't wait to give my nails a breather and see if this can strengthen them up.  At first I thought you applied it like nail polish but you paint it on and rub it in.  I'll keep you updated on how this helps my nails.
Last but not least is the reason why the bag was bulging so much.  I have a full-size Catwalk by TIGI Fashionista Brunette Mask for my hair.  TiGi brings back great memories for me and I loved using their products before they became so widely available.  With becoming a mum and watching pennies I went back to hair products I could pick up cheaply and quickly so I can't wait to give this a try.  If you read my last blog post you will know I am in the middle of a hair experiment so this has come at the perfect time.
That brings me to the end of the October box with a huge great big smile on my face!  I honestly can't wait until November now and I feel quite excited as we edge closer to the Christmas season to see what each My Little Box brings for my favourite time of the year.
If you would like to have a look at the My Little Box website to take a closer look at the idea behind it and past boxes you can click here.  You can also read my review of the September box by clicking here.

I'd love to know if you're a fellow My Little Box subscriber and what your thoughts are on the boxes.

Love Katherine xxx

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